Welcome on the homepage of the 9th Winterthur Chess Week!
(3 - 10 October 2009)


Photos of day 9 and the prize giving
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Vorschau Fotalbum Tag 3 und 4

GM Mikhail Ulybin and Wolfgang Heinisch win the 9th Winterthur Chess Week
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Gewinner des Opens Wolfgang Heinisch (AUT, Allgemeines Open) und GM Mikhail Ulybin (RUS, Meisteropen)
The winners of the open tournaments: Wolfgang Heinisch (AUT, General Open) und GM Mikhail Ulybin (RUS, Master Open)
Gligoric wins the team blitz tournament; more photos
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GM Ulybin gegen Sebastian Bogner
The winners of the team blitz competition: Mirko Mikavica, Michael Schmid, Zoran Bojic und GM Mihajlo Stojanovic
Exciting final rounds in the Master Open
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GM Ulybin gegen Sebastian Bogner
Die Grossmeister Mikhail Ulybin (RUS) und Sebastian Bogner (GER) am Spitzenbrett des Meisteropens

Führungswechsel im Meisteropen: nach Siegen gegen IM Tal Haimovich (ISR) und GM Dávid Bérczes (HUN) haben GM Mikhail Ulybin (RUS) und GM Sebastian Bogner (GER) mit 5.5 erzielten Punkten die Spitzenplätze eingenommen. Wir können uns auf eine spannende Spitzenbegegnung freuen.

Photos of day 3 and 4
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Vorschau Fotalbum Tag 3 und 4


Dávid Bérczes takes the pole position
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Yannick Raschle
GM Dávid Bérczes

After his spectacular win against GM Mikhail Ulybin in yesterday's sixth round, the Hungarian grandmaster Dávid Bérczes (5 points) is now the sole leader of the Master Open. His pursuers GM Mikhail Ulybin, IM Tal Haimovich, IM Ervin Tóth, FM István Sipos and GM Sebastian Bogner (all 4.5 points) are close behind him and we can look forward to very exciting final rounds.

We can expect a tight race in the General Open as well. After six rounds four players -- Kurt Baumann, Wolfgang Heinisch, Halit Redzepi und Christian Binggeli (they all have five points) -- are in the lead.

Photos of day 2
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Vorschau Fotalbum Tag 1



Round 1
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Vorschau Fotalbum Tag 1The Winterthur Chess Week 2009 has started; 153 chess players from 13 nations compete in this year's edition of the tournament.

The Master Open already featured several surprising results: FM Hansruedi Glauser (against GM David Berczes), Benedikt Hasenohr (against GM Sebastian Bogner), Eugen Fleischer (against IM Nedeljko Kelecevic) and Heinz Ernst (against Istvan Mede) were able to hold a draw against ther nominally stronger opponents. Milan Martin (against Aljoscha Feuerstack), Harry Oesch (against the future WIM Judith Fuchs) and Markus Moripen (against Kambez Nuri) even scored the full point.

The Individual Blitz Tournament was won by IM Nedeljko Kelecevic (7 out of 9 points) from Winterthur followed by GM Falko Bindrich (7 points) und GM David Berczes (6,5 points).

Siegerfoto Einzelblitz, Walter Hollenstein und Nedeljko Kelecevic

OC president Walter Hollenstein (l.) congratulates IM Nedeljko Kelecevic for winning this year's individual blitz tournament.