The City of Winterthur


Winterthur from the sky: a glance on the old town of Winterthur
(© Copyright Stadt Winterthur 2007 )

With 95’000 inhabitants, Winterthur is the 6th largest city in Switzerland. It can be easily accessed from Zurich airport within twelve minutes.

When the Swiss elected their first president in 1848, they chose a politician from Winterthur: Jonas Furrer. His monument stands some steps from the location of the Winterthur Chess Week. Today Winterthur has only little political influence compared to the Swiss capital Bern and the economic centres of Zurich and Geneva. Instead, the biggest Swiss University of Applied Sciences is located in Winterthur. The night life, especially the numerous bars and cinemas, attract many people from the surrounding area.

Winterthur is well-known for its Old Town and its parks. It was also rewarded several prizes for its model traffic and town planning policy. During the past few years Winterthur has evolved to an insider tip for culture enthusiasts. Especially the following museums enjoy an excellent reputation and are well known far beyond the Swiss border:


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